Coach My Sport is a Community Interest Company, which has set up an Academy arm focussed on changing the lives of young people.

The Academy works with young people not in education, employment or training, those living with disabilities (physical, visual and sensory) and puts them on a pathway to sustainable employment through sports coaching. Many of these young people come from some of the Forth Valley’s most deprived areas, and for them the future is bleak as they are caught in a cycle of limited opportunity and benefits.

Nelson Mandela once said: “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.”


Please don’t let the word ‘sport’ put you off; since its launch just over 12 months ago, CMS Academy has supported over 40 young people through a tailor-made 8-week programme, providing them with transferable skills such as communication, goal setting, human connections and conflict resolution.


On completion of each module the candidates have not only received SCQF qualifications, but perhaps more importantly, the confidence to go onto study further or to apply for a job.

The success of our programme is dependent on organisations supporting us in the following ways:


Funding individuals through the 8-week course

Funding Coach My Sport taster sessions within Primary Schools located in deprived areas

Funding transport of equipment or individuals attending the course


If you or your company can help with any of the above please get in touch with Tony Phillips: tony@cmsacademy.co.uk or my phone: 07590900101

Why Sports Coaching


Coaching provides a development opportunity for individuals in disadvantaged communities

It is generally accepted that people living in disadvantaged communities have less access to

opportunities. An evaluation shows that when individuals are given the  opportunity to develop themselves through coaching, they can achieve significant outcomes.


Obtaining recognised qualifications, becoming employed, enhancing mental well-being through increased confidence and self-esteem, and motivated for the future, are all effects identified to develop in coaches. In the context of the government’s new sport strategy, these are significant outocmes for our project working with disadvantaged communities. 

Helping to develop coaches will create individuals who develop themselves, will create value for those around them, benefiting their community as a whole. The results make a case for coaching to be seen as a great opportunity for disadvantaged communities.

The company’s activities will provide benefit to ...

Any young person not in education, employment or training, through the delivery  of the coaching activities.  These young people will be provided with  guidance , training and assistance in particular focusing on practical-hands-on training enable them to access and progress in learning and to equip them with the skills for learning, life and work - to participate and progress, where possible, to employment.

Using sport as the driver we aim to improve the skill levels of the young people on our program, building their confidence, improving their social well being. The skills they will learn through sports coaching will provide the necessary skills for the young people  allowing them to find sustainable employment.

We want to engage and upskill a workforce that was reflective of the population, to deliver physical activity sessions within their local communities.


Any young person not in education, employment or training and will include opportunities for young people with a physical, sensory and learning disability, through the delivery of the coaching activities.  These young people will be provided with guidance, training and assistance in particular focusing on practical-hands-on training enable them to access and progress in learning and to equip them with the skills for learning, life and work - to participate and progress, where possible, to employment.

How will the activity benefit the community?

Youth employability, education and enterprise will be supported.  Service users will have the opportunity to maximise their strengths and realise their potential. They will benefit from increased / improved:


  • self-awareness

  • confidence

  • creativity

  • motivation

  • skills

  • leadership

  • enterprise

  • employability

  • sense of achievement

  • communication and “soft” skills

  • resilience

  • independence


Coaches will benefit from the opportunity to practice and gain experience in coaching a range of individuals, as well as obtain training and support from CMS, and therefore obtain qualifications and accreditation, whilst ultimately benefiting the individual service users concerned.


The quality of service will be maintained at a high level by ensuring only members of recognised coaching bodies will be engaged as coaches.


The aim is to overcome barriers and make a positive difference to young people’s lives.  CMS will engage with young people who are far from the job market and upskill, educate and train them. Through volunteering, working, training individuals become more employable, engaged and often work leads to work. Through work, the individuals have a greater sense of wellbeing and their self-esteem is increased.


The activities boost confidence and shall have a hugely positive benefit to the young people’s lives reducing anti-social behaviour as well as increasing life skills, and therefore employment prospects, and this is a crucial step in preventing poverty. There will be a positive impact on young people’s physical and mental wellbeing due to increased self-esteem and the increased quality of life resulting from increased employment.

The Academy will work closely with youth organisations who would refer young people to our program and our role will be to build the bridges to gain the confidence of the youth enabling them to become not only great coaches but well rounded individuals.

Not only will the young people work alongside the professional coaches but they will also be involved in the delivery of programs at after-school clubs, summer programmes, holiday camps, youth clubs, disability programs and also with care homes working with vulnerable adults.

There will also be opportunity for young people to work with Coach My Sport. 

As part of our Academy program we will be offering Education Through CashBack (ETC) Modules.


Education Through CashBack (ETC) is a national Scottish Sports Futures programme; developed in partnership with Youth Scotland, that aims to enhance sports coaches, youth workers and volunteers understanding of personal development through sport.


Six of the ETC modules are now SCQF accredited at levels 4 (Communication) and 5 (Working with Young People, Benefits of Physical Activity, Human Connection, Goal Setting.

There will also be training for First Aid, Child Protection, Nutrition, Positive Coaching, Multi Sports and where possible participants will gain a UKCC Level 1, Foundation or Basic training through relevant Scottish Governing Bodies.

Participants will also work as volunteers and would need to work within schools, local clubs and together with Coach My Sport programs.

Total hours for the course will be approximately 60+ hours and the volunteer hours will be approximately 40+ hours.

Benefits to the learner - wider achievement

The flexibility of the Education through CashBack modules, Saltire Awards and working with Coach My Sport allows learners to gain experience far beyond the classroom and challenge themselves across a variety of contexts and environments as the learner develops their Leadership journey.  These include leading others; working with younger and older groups; providing opportunities for others; planning and delivering sessions, events; fundraising; working with local sports clubs and community organisations; assuming school ambassadorial and coaching role.

Ideas of project areas and tasks learners may consider in the context of this program are likely to vary depending on local development plans and existing Sport programmes in the clubs and schools the young people will be working in.

Benefits to local Sport Clubs

The Academy will be working with local clubs where the young people will gain experience working with coaches and being part of a club. This will allow the club to have additional volunteers to help deliver their coaching programs.

The Scottish Sport vision of making Sport in Scotland a great experience for everyone is at the heart of what the Academy expects the clubs to be striving for.

As well as ensuring quality introductory experiences are available to young people with the School and Community setting, we will work closely with Sport clubs across Stirlingshire.

We will work with clubs who are in the best possible position to provide fun, safe and purposeful coaching programmes for our young people and those clubs with a strategic focus on participation and recruitment. 

Local sports Clubs should be at the heart of their communities, connected in the school and wider learning community.

We recognise that young people are crucial to the future of the sport in Scotland and is a great opportunity for young people to gain full time employment.

Economic Benefit

Social return on investment (SROI) is a framework for measuring the way, we communicate the impact of our work. SROI looks beyond the bottom line. By working with stakeholders, SROI identifies and values social, environmental and economic outcomes. This gives us a broader and clearer understanding of the value, or social value, we create.  

In a case study in Tyneside it was found that for every £1 invested, the activities returned £3 worth of social value.


The organisations (Sports Clubs, Youth Clubs and Schools) coaches will deliver coaching

sessions will experience an outcome of increased access to more potential

coaching employees. This will result in cost savings generated by people being inspired/recommended to enquire about a coaching position by the coach.

Retaining coaches will create additional value.

If coaches can be retained, there is no reason why the high impact and value they create in year 1 cannot be replicated in year 2 onwards.


Coaches are ideally placed to recruit the next generation of the coaching workforce

The value created by the role model effect (where coaches inspire others) can present organisations with significant cost savings, and benefit the coaching workforce as a whole, as more inspired and motivated people (making them more likely to engage/remain engaged as coaches).


The organisations we work with and involved in the evaluation will encourage their coaches to be role models within their communities.

CMS Academy is a Community Interest Company 

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