CASE STUDY and testimonials

Keith Brown MSP had this to say about CMS Academy.

‘’CMS Academy allows people to build confidence, build those personal skills necessary to take those opportunities to go onto work and positive futures.

​The Academy is doing extremely important work and great to see.

​The course develop the ability to communicate and think differently about things. It helps to build confidence’’

The success of our programme is dependent on organisations supporting us in the following ways:


Funding individuals through the 8-week course

Funding Coach My Sport taster sessions within Primary Schools located in deprived areas

Funding transport of equipment or individuals attending the course


If you or your company can help with any of the above please get in touch with Tony Phillips: or my phone: 07590900101




Stirling Council has supported Coach My Sport (CiC) through their community grants funding with a small grant of £1500 to start a branch of Coach My Sport in the Bannockburn Cluster. This will enable Alex Don who has now been employed as a coach at Coach My Sport to setup a branch and continue his development. The pathway created by Coach My Sport through the CMS Academy has allowed Alex to move to a positive destination of full time employment. 

Gordon Wright at Stirling Council’s Learning & Employability Team provided funding to support the recruitment of both Alex and Gavin Miller who were employed as Modern Apprentices (MA) in January 2020.

Alex was referred to Coach My Sport through Megan Scott from the Senior Phase and Youth Participation Team at Stirling Council in November 2018 and he completed the CMS Academy training prior to being employed as a MA. Alex has made fantastic strides in the past year and is now a full time member of staff.

Gordon has now also provided funding for Shaun Martin  who started as a Modern Apprentice in January 2020.

Coach My Sport and CMS Academy have also worked with the Youth Participation team and have had a number of young people coming on work experience at Coach My Sport.

Students from Stirling University have also worked with Coach My Sport on work experience. 



20-year-old Gavin Miller, who has autism, applied to the Transition Fund to help him achieve his dream of becoming a sports coach.

Not letting anything hold him back from achieving his goal, the funding allowed Gavin to complete an eight-week training programme with Coach My Sport.

Gavin said:

“I’ve always wanted to be a coach, because when you’re younger you don’t have that many things to do and you want to give back to the people that have helped you.

“My job is to coach children of all ages and help them to improve their sports skills, while also letting them have fun at the same time.  We do a lot in a week – they’re always learning a new skill.

“My favourite thing about coaching is seeing them all happy and enjoying themselves.”

Gavin first started working as a volunteer for Forth Valley Disability Sport, Falkirk Community Trust and GOGA, clocking up an impressive 280 hours of volunteering through the Saltire Awards.

In 2018, Gavin volunteered with Coach My Sport, helping to deliver coaching sessions to children as part of the Multi SkillZ Programme. Later that year, Coach My Sport launched the CMS Academy Programme where Gavin was one of the first participants.

Gavin now works as an assistant coach with Coach My Sport. He has been in the position since January 2019.

Gavin continued:

“I think the Transition Fund is a great idea, it helps you get into work and gets you started.

“It’s definitely helped me get more independent, because I would not have been able to do this five years ago.”

During his time at Coach My Sport, where he is still employed, Gavin has proved to be a great and reliable coach, receiving positive feedback from both parents and children.

Gavin continues to grow and is on the Young Start Programme being delivered by Scottish Disability Sport, which features modules on Mentoring, Volunteer Management, Child Well Being and Protection, Coach Transition and Multi Skill Award.

Tony, Head Coach at Coach my Sport and Gavin’s manager added:

 “With the help of ILF Scotland funding Gavin has succeeded in developing into a super coach and fantastic young man whose future looks bright.”

Want to #TrySomethingNew like Gavin? You too could benefit from the Transition Fund! Simply fill out an application form to tell us about your goal and how the Transition Fund can help you.

Apply online by emailing with the subject heading ‘Online application request’ and we’ll send you a link.


Download the application form and send it in to us.

Learn more about how to apply here.

Adam Miller has recently benefited from the ILF Transition Fund Scotland to come on the CMS Academy Programme.

Shaun Martin has been sponsored by Coach My Sport to allow him to complete the Academy training programme.

John a recent participant had this to say: 

"Really enjoyed the course and felt it helped with social interaction as it encouraged me to meet and speak to new people. 
I also had to plan my journey each week using public transport and ensure that I got buses to get me there on time. 
I liked the format and particularly enjoyed the last 3 sessions.  The reason for this is the group was smaller and I felt I coped better in that environment as I was encouraged to talk and felt confident talking to less people. 
Suggestions for future programmes would be to keep groups smaller." 

Gavin another participant had this to say

“It was really fun to do the training course. It will help a lot when I am volunteering / coaching. It showed you all different ways of coaching with confidence and how to manage a group and get them to listen to you and take part and it also helped to build my confidence in coaching.”

With the support of Firstport, CMS Academy has managed to employ Tony to help with the delivery of our programme and has proved a massive help to the organisation. 

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