John a recent participant had this to say: 

"Really enjoyed the course and felt it helped with social interaction as it encouraged me to meet and speak to new people. 
I also had to plan my journey each week using public transport and ensure that I got buses to get me there on time. 
I liked the format and particularly enjoyed the last 3 sessions.  The reason for this is the group was smaller and I felt I coped better in that environment as I was encouraged to talk and felt confident talking to less people. 
Suggestions for future programmes would be to keep groups smaller." 

Gavin another participant had this to say

It was really fun to do the training course. It will help a lot when I am volunteering / coaching. It showed you all different ways of coaching with confidence and how to manage a group and get them to listen to you and take part and it also helped to build my confidence in coaching.”

Keith Brown MSP had this to say about CMS Academy.

‘’CMS Academy allows people to build confidence, build those personal skills necessary to take those opportunities to go onto work and positive futures.

​The Academy is doing extremely important work and great to see.

​The course develop the ability to communicate and think differently about things. It helps to build confidence’’

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